Sunday, December 21, 2014

Weekly Beauty Edit 12.21.2014

Merry Christmas!

Quick recap. The Weekly Beauty Edit is a snapshot of my week with beauty products. What's new in my collection, being returned, rising stars, edits and deletes, empties and whatever else comes to mind.

Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Matte Liquid Foundation.  This might be in next week's Edits and Deletes section. This is really matte. So matte that it is flat. I like matte foundations that are a satin matte. I find that flat mattes look very aging and magnify pores in areas I don't have a pore issue! My color was 120 Natural Beige. At first I thought it was a bit too yellow but turned out to be a perfect match. After the first test run which make it look like casket foundation, I tried a luminous primer under it on day two plus used a Beauty Blender. Still too matte. I took a drop of jojoba oil in my palms, rubbed them together and pressed my palms to my face. Huge improvement!

Set of Six Glosssticks by Skinn. Do you watch ShopHQ? Dmitri James is the founder of Skinn. Dmitri has been in the beauty industry for decades and owns his own labs and manufacturing facility. He sells via

 his own site but mostly on ShopHQ. His claim to fame is his skincare line. The skincare is miles better than his cosmetics but I do love his Glossticks.

Ipsy Subscription Box.  I think this is a great $10 spent each month. Even if I don't like a thing, it's always fun to open your mail box and find a beautiful hot pink foil bubble envelope filled with beauty goodies. Usually contains 5 to 6 items in deluxe sample or full size plus a cosmetic bag.

Trish McEvoy Eye Openers Set. A real deal from HSN. A six piece set for the price of two pieces. This is my first dance with Trish McEvoy. I love her fragrance, No. 9, a blackberry and musk scent, but I have not used her color cosmetics. Shadow primer, under eye brightener for her famous "triangle of light" effect, mascara, gel pencil liner, felt tip liquid liner, and shadow stick are all in this set.

Kiehl's Rosa Artica Eye Balm.  I bought a deluxe sample size from an ebay seller. I'm on a mad hunt for a winter under eye cream. I need super emollient. My under eye area is always Sahara dry and super sensitive. In the winter, it's even drier and actually hurts. Let's not even discuss how much older a dry, crepy under eye area make me look. My go to for years has been Shiseido Benefiance eye cream. Shiseido improved the formula with more anti-aging benefits and my under eye area is not happy about the change. It stings now. I've used the Kiehl's for three nights now and like it but the Chicago weather has been mild for December.  It absorbs beautifully and have also used it during the day. Makes a great partner for concealer.
I juggled three foundations this week, Rouge Bunny Rouge Time Defying, Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Matte and Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse. I swooned over the Maybelline! Swirled a flat top synthetic kabuki, dabbed color  on my face and buffed. Gorgeous. I set my face with Neutrogena Oil Control pressed powder concentrating on my t-zone. I skipped primer. Wore all day, smoothed over my pores, lovely satin finish. Medium to full coverage depending on how much you apply or how much you blend it out. My color is 240 but I think it's a tad too dark or maybe too yellow. I'm probably the only that would notice!

Edits and Deletes
Too many shampoos and conditioners to list but I cleaned out my stash. If I'm not loving a shampoo or conditioner after a quarter bottle, it's history. My measuring stick is how soft and silky my hair feels afterward. Too silky and then my hair is flat, not silky enough and I find it's dull. If it's soft but super frizzy, that's another delete. I have very frizzy hair and thinning on top. I could write a book about the woes of thinning hair for a brunette although no doubt it is not fun for any woman, regardless of hair color. I kept holding on to these bottles thinking I would give them away but enough already, I wanted them gone. I think I threw out 12 bottles. The worst of the "bunch" was the Banana shampoo and conditioner from The Body Shop. Hair felt like straw.


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  1. Enjoy the blog Lulu, and agree I try something like a shampoo or conditioner or makeup now and if a no go after one time it's in a box of no-gos! It's sad I have SO many barely touched items. I used to swap om MUA and I'm over those days.I hate the large amount I have and no one wants it as my niece works at Birchbox and does ads for them and has an unreal amount of products (can you imagine at not even 28 yet?!) back then we had like not much at all in way of makeup like fact I think there is a bit TOO much out there. I'm losing a lot of hair (stress and hormones) and take Biotin 5,00 mg gelcap form is best and I have my hair grow back I lose. It's less hair but okay enough for me! I'm faithful with taking this nearly 10 months works! see ya ;)