Sunday, December 7, 2014

Weekly Beauty Edit 12.7.2014

Quick recap. The Weekly Beauty Edit is a snapshot of my week with beauty products. What's new in my collection, being returned, rising stars, edits and deletes, empties and whatever else comes to mind.

Empties and  Trash

32 oz Amazing Grace 3 in 1 (shower gel, bath gel, shampoo). Can I hear an Amen? I have a half dozen or more shower gels going at one time. For me to use up a shower gel, 32 ounces no less, is a miracle. This is one of my favorite scents in perfume, shower gel, lotion. Always have Amazing Grace in shower rotation.

14 oz YS Eco Bee Farms Raw Honey.  The brand does not matter as long as it is pure, unpasteurized, unfiltered, unprocessed raw honey. Raw honey is filled with live enzymes and the nutrients are all intact. I use this as a mask once a week. Balances oily or dry skin, moisturizing, softening, nourishing, soothing. Love this in the winter months when even my oily skin is irritated from the near or below zero wind chills. Have repurchased. (No, I don't buy Manuka honey. I don't need bees from New Zealand, I think our USA bees are plenty fine!)

1.7 oz Bare Minerals Firming and Smoothing Neck Cream. This is one of countless creams I use on my neck. In my opinion, as long as I continuously apply cream during the day, my neck looks a tad better. I think you need to use Retin A or retinol or Matrixyl to maybe slow down the hands of time. Otherwise, keep the neck hydrated all day and it will look less crinkly.

Haul-A-Lulu (let's keep in mind this was Black Friday and Cyber Monday week!)

Soul Owner, six tubes of foot cream, 3.3 oz each by Philosophy. This is my absolute favorite foot cream. After 20 or more years, Philosophy is discontinuing it. Sniff. Sniff. It was on clearance price plus Black Friday discount so I stocked up.

Allure Beauty Box which comes out four times a year. You pay $40ish for about $200 of products. Sells out in about five minutes. I had it on my calendar at work and this is the first time I have actually gotten my hands on one. I've been trying for at least two years!

Wet n Wild Brulee and Nutty single eye shadows - hear they are being discontinued! IMHO these should be staples in every eye shadow collection. Walgreens had them on clearance for .49 cents each.

Sephora $10 Black Friday deals
                                          Bare Minerals shadow and gloss duo
                                          Boscia Pore Purifying duo
Tarte blush, gloss and mascara set
Origins mask trio
Alterna Caviar hair product trio
Smashbox lipstick duo

Julep Maven Subscription Box of two polishes and one eye shadow

OPI vintage polishes (green label!) three bottles - scored at TJ Maxx!

Nordstrom Black Friday deals
Amazing Grace hand soap and lotion duo
Glazed Almond 3 in 1 from Philosophy
L'Occitane hand cream set

Lancome Nude Miracle new serum foundation. Will not be purchasing this one. Thus far YSL Fusion Ink is by far my favorite serum foundation (in cold weather) along with Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid (in all weather). The Nude Miracle looked great the first hour then it wore off by noon. I might pick up a larger sample the next time I'm at Sephora so I can experiment with different primers or setting powders. I only had a one use sample.

Dior Capture Totale Dream Skin. Heavens! What is in this? I felt like Princess Diana putting this on. I have an arsenal of skin care, enough for the United Nations. I have never felt any face cream or primer this luxurious. It was softer than Imperial Velvet, softer than the belly of a kitten, softer than anything. On a crazy day, I just might buy this to use as a primer. Very crazy day. Won the lotto kind of day.


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