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Weekly Beauty Edit 6.21.2015

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Last week I posted about our upcoming trip to St. Louis. We got back today and had a great time! Might have been nice to not have a typhoon hitting St. Louis while we were there but hey, have to roll with the punches, right?  This post is about the makeup I packed. Because at the moment, my brain is mush and it's all I could think to do! A popular video on YouTube is "What's in My Makeup Travel Bag" and I'm always astounded at how much some ladies take on vacation or weekend trips. I'm a a very light packer, pretty much have it down to a science. My philosophy is that if I really need something or the weather drastically changes, chances are I can run to Walmart and buy it. The thought of packing an extra sweater, an extra top, an extra this and an extra that is not in my nature. There are times I'm very risk averse, however, packing is not one of these. I throw caution to the wind!

The getaway was 4 days. I'm almost certain I would pack the exact same thing for a two week trip, maybe different lipstick shades in colder weather.

Foundation - Sephora Teint Infusion - Happens to be one of my favorites at the moment, high coverage but an extremely lightweight formula, still looks natural even in sunlight. I also wanted a foundation that would not disappear as my oil broke through. Long wearing is not important to me while on a trip (although this foundation does give me 8 to 10 hours of indoor wear) since we are rarely gone from the room more than 4 or 5 hours at a time. It can be applied with fingers. I'm not bringing a foundation brush on vacation! Last thing I want to to do is be washing brushes or sponges. I always pick a foundation that applies well with fingers and that is true of this Sephora foundation. Speaking of washing, whenever we return to our room, one of the first things I do is wash my face. Hotels always have white sheets. If we are back in our room, it means I'll be napping. Can't stand getting makeup on the pillow cases.

Concealer - Mac Prolongwear - Absolutely one of my top three concealers.  I can use Mac Prolongwear under my eyes and on my red nose whereas my other favorite concealers are only great under my eyes. This concealer wears beautifully for me under my eyes but you should know I do not have dark circles, only uneven tone. This is not perfect for my red nose but it will do just fine rather than bringing my Dermablend. Mac Prolongwear is also easy to toss in the purse to have if I need to freshen up my nose.

Brows - Anastasia Brow Powder in Medium Brown -This has two powder colors in it so I can define rather nicely with a light and a dark shade. This is always my go to brow product so a no-brainer for me to bring along.
Anastasia Brow Powder in Medium Brown
Shadow Primer -  Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden - This is a must have product for my oily and discolored lids. It is pale yellow pigmented to neutralize discoloration, matte, my shadows never crease and stay true for 12 hours and longer! Another no-brainer for me to bring this favorite product.

Face Primer - Cover FX Mattifying Primer.  In warm weather, I can't skip this step because I must use mattifying primers. Do they keep me matte? A bit longer and I'll take any improvement. I had a sample size of this one which is why I packed it. It was very warm in St. Louis, I think in the low 90s yesterday with high humidity. I think my blotting papers were much more helpful than this primer for oil control but the primer did keep my foundation in place.

Setting Powder - NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder - I'm liking this one lately and find it really keeps my foundation in place, especially on my oily nose.  Also, when traveling you have to know that any makeup in powder form might crack. This is very inexpensive and if it shattered, no big deal. The packaging is slim and lightweight making it easy to toss in my purse for the day.

Mascara - Too Faced Better Than Sex - I had this is deluxe sample size and like this mascara. I like most mascara but especially this one. This happen to be the first I reached for in my sample size stash.

Eye Lash Curler - I have several and the one I grabbed is a no name I bought at TJ Maxx, I think. I use a lash curler every single day with my stick straight, downward pointing lashes. This is an automatic step for me, not a special occasion step. Thus, I always pack a lash curler.

Eye Liner - Urban Decay 24/7 in Mushroom. I line the bottom of my eye with a taupe shade. Black liner, to me, looks harsh at my age and it closes up my small eyes. This is one of my three "go to" pencils and happened to be the one I grabbed.

Blush - Tarte Off the Cuff Palette - I have a few blush palettes I could have brought. My criteria is a pink blush, a peachy blush and a matte bronzer. Any of the blush palettes would work. I like the packaging on this one, it's relatively flat, has a nice mirror I can use for applying my makeup in a hotel room, and Tarte blushes are long wearing. This was limited edition and might be my favorite blush palette so I did hesitate slightly only because of shattering possibility. But I've taken this palette on several trips and it has survived. I rolled the dice one more time and it survived, again. Let's face it, even if it shattered I own plenty of other blushes!
Tarte Off the Cuff Blush Palette, Limited Edition
Eye Shadow - Too Faced Naked Eye Palette - Love this palette. Packaging is a bit bulky but still light weight. It has the perfect range of color with both matte and shimmer. I can achieve a super natural, daytime, tourist perfection look or a  dramatic, evening, let's celebrate with champagne look and everything in between. The packaging keeps the powder shadows safe and Too Faced shadows are not powdery soft messy pans so they travel well.
Too Faced Natural Eye Palette
Lipstick - Wet N Wild Balm Stain in Festival Fashionista and Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Sweetheart. I like jumbo lip crayons for ease, they don't melt in heat, easy to apply on the go and without a mirror. Both of these are happy bright summer colors and they leave a stain so I always have color on my lips which is great for those spontaneous touristy pictures. I always have a Dior lipstick in my purse so if I want to impress someone in the ladies room at Cracker Barrel, I can always whip out the Dior. I crack myself up.

Highlighter - Marc Jacobs Bright Idea - This is the one item I could have easily skipped. I did use it for our evening out, nice dinner, carriage ride night. This is a typical click pen style, easy to control, shatter proof obviously, takes up minimum room and does the trick! I must say if you are over 50, I think the "triangle of light" trick under the eyes is an instant age reversing trick.

4 Brushes - NARS Yachio, Wayne Goss 04 and 05, Sedona Lace Brow Brush. The Yachio is great for blush and because it comes to a pointy tip, I can use for contouring my cheeks. It can be a bit challenging for bronzer but with my self-tan, I don't bronze, only contour. And let's face it, if I had to bronze, of course I could make this brush work. If I was not self tanning, I would have packed a bronzing brush. The Goss brushes are my go to brushes lately for my eyes. I can apply lid color, crease color, brow bone and blend with these two brushes. I could use my finger if I had to, this isn't my first rodeo! The brow powder brush is my favorite.

That's it!


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  1. Hey, it's me the other Lulu. Lol. I've subbed to your blog, thanks for the link. I just bought my first Dior lipstick in Darling. It's lovely! What are your favorite Dior shades. We have the same coloring so, I'm open to suggestions. Xo. Linda

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