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Weekly Beauty Edit 7.05.2015

Thank you. I went over 10,000 views at some point this week. There are no words. I sit here on the love seat in our bedroom on Sunday nights with my laptop, iPhone and The Good Wife or repeats, typing away. Tonight, the background noise was my youngest son screaming each time the US Women's Soccer team scored. I started this blog more for me than anything else. I needed an outlet for my beauty addiction hoarding situation. At the time, I had stopped doing YT videos so I turned to blogging. And here I am 10,000 views later. Thank you for reading my blog and sharing with your circle of Facebook friends or groups or neighbors or moms or sisters.
Where was I last week? I have no idea. Complete space cadet watching reruns of who knows what. Madam Secretary? Criminal Minds? Blue Bloods? Shopping online at Sephora and lost in giddiness? I can't remember what I did yesterday, forget about remembering what I did last week.

It's story time. I take photos of my makeup hauls and beauty products on my bed. One of our blankets is  an off white and is the background in all the photos I take. On my nightstand is a lamp I bought on a complete spontaneous fall in love must have that lamp even though I'm not shopping for a lamp moment. That had to be 10 years ago. I don't like to have matching lamps in a room. We have another lamp  in our bedroom that I've replaced 4 times in the 10 years because they were all great when I bought them but soon another came that I loved more. Not the one on my nightstand, though. It lasted every shopping spree, never to be replaced. This past week, it died. The light began to flicker, I'd hit
the lamp, it would stop. Call me Fonzy II. This lasted three nights before I decided to replace the bulb. Still flickered. Hmmm. Could it be the lamp? Are there lamp repair shops? I wasn't ready to say good-bye. When I reached to turn it off for the night, it flickered as I turned that knob thingy turn the light on and off with switch. I jiggled the thingy. The light flickered. My husband said it was faulty wiring. Maybe he actually said it bit the dust. I have a pair of my mother's lamps from years ago. She's very methodical, precise and balanced so, of course, she buys lamps in matching pairs. When she was redecorating, I told her I wanted the lamps. Apparently I get attached to lipsticks and lamps. What do they say? Any port in a storm so I went to find my mother's lamps in the "spare" bedroom aka dump everything in that room and run. It's a crystal lamp with a very frou frou shade. My beloved lamp also had a somewhat frou frou shade but this takes the cake. My mother loves frou frou. The more ornate the better.  The frilly shade has yellowed from age which means it casts a very yellow light.  Why is this woman writing about a lamp in a beauty blog? Because the yellow glow will affect the photos of my products. End of story. Wasn't that fun?

Almay One Coat Thickening Waterproof Mascara -  If possible, I buy waterproof mascara because waterproof holds curl better than non-waterproof. I rarely apply a second coat of any mascara, I don't need to. I applied and applied this one and it hardly showed up. It did not color the tips of my lashes which are long but invisible, it did not thicken, it did pretty much nothing except made them look a little darker.  .

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation - I like this. I don't love it. I have other foundations in my collection that are on the "like don't love" list but this one is bugging me. Have no idea why. I ordered this directly from the Too Faced site the day it launched which makes returning it a pain. Not a pain, but it's not like going to Sephora and exchanging. Some ladies love to play mixologist with beauty products. Not me.  If I have to mix products to get them to work, I'm not interested. I will adjust the color to match my self-tan, but that is as far as I will go. I could blend this with a lighter weight foundation or a mattifying foundation and it would be better. But when you own as many foundations as I do, why bother? I will be doing a video review on this. 
Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Warm Beige

Bessame Brightening Vanilla Powder - This is an edit not a delete. I need to edit this out of my summer routine because of the color. Although it claims to be translucent, I find it lightens my look. Otherwise, this is a great loose powder. Very silky, melts into the skin, softens pores, wonderful. Is it better than IT Bye Bye Pores Loose Powder? No. But the packaging is cuter! Yes, it has a slight vanilla sugar scent which also scores points with me. I'll be bringing this back in the Fall.
Bessame Brightening Vanilla Loose Powder

Cover FX Matte Powder
Cover FX Matte Pressed Powder - I wish I was better at remembering who recommends what. I watched a YT video and the BeautyTuber said she found this on the allcosmeticwholesale site, ordered it on a whim and liked it so much after it arrived, she went back and ordered a backup. She has very oily skin and this was the best thing she's tried in ages. I jumped over to that site and in a NY minutes, ordered one. They came in shades, too! I love it. I don't use this as a finishing or setting powder but instead use it after I blot.

Sonia Kashuk Blush in Sunset - Well if this isn't the prettiest peachy coral blush! Very smooth, no dusty kick up, blends beautifully. It has a bit of shimmer which I like. I'm good with matte, satin and slight shimmer blushes.

Laura Geller Baked Shadow Duo in Petal/Earth - One stop shop! These are both satin, borderline matte, finishes with Petal being a deeper beige and Earth being the perfect muddy chocolate brown for the crease. I have used this duo all week. Unheard of!

Laura Geller Baked Duo on Petal/Earth
Deborah Lippman Love in the Dunes and Desert Moon from the Painted Desert Collection - I've been off nail polish binging for most of this year but when I saw these, eeeeps! Love in the Dunes is a smoky plum creme and Desert Moon is a smoky gray creme.

Australian Gold Bronzing Mist - Found this on amazon while looking for a less expensive alternative to Guerlain's bronzing mist. I have a very hard time self tanning my neck and decollete. Don't know why, they simply don't self-tan as well as the rest of my body. The powder bronzers don't last, I'm hoping a waterproof bronzing mist will do the trick.

Fresh Sugar Lemon Perfume Roller Ball - One of my favorite summer fragrances. This girl is loving the roller ball perfumes. Easy to use, easy to carry, not expensive and just enough fragrance to last about a season.

Cover FX Duo Matte Powder Foundation - Can't believe I don't already own this. Sounds great for this oily face of mine for the summer.

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