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Weekly Beauty Edit 8.02.2015

Finally, it's August! Thank goodness, because that means snow is that much  closer. I love snow and cold and frigid temps. This lady is miserable all summer long. Sometimes, once every few years, we might see our first few minutes of a flurry in late October or early November. Three more months. Hurry up!!!!

This was a busy week in beauty for me. UPS just kept on giving and giving and giving. And Wednesday was National Lipstick Day. You all knew that, right?  I wore Lipstick Queen's Play It from her Silver Screen collection. I would post an actual pic of mine but it's still on my desk at the office. It's a beautiful pinky red in even more beautiful packaging.  Here's stock photo of it...
Lipstick Queen Play It from the Silver Screen Collection
Julep Maven Box - I enjoy this subscription by the nail polish brand, Julep. The monthly subscription started out a few years ago as only nail products, primarily color polishes. They moved into nail treatments and then into cosmetics. Their cosmetics are very good! This month was a cream blush stick in Golden Guava, a gel pencil liner in Raisin and, or course, a nail polish, Caly, a very sparkly royal purple. I won't wear this color but sure is pretty to look at. I'm starting to make a bit of a stockpile for a giveaway on my YouTube channel and this will go into that loot bag.  Here's a link to my channel  Lulu On Beauty.
Julep Maven July 2015 Subscription Box
Pura D'Oro Shampoo, Conditioner and Argan Oil - I debated back and forth with myself about even posting this. As you may know (if not, you will now) I don't accept sponsored products, product placements, points, gift card, paid reviews, etc. I was very excited more than a few months ago when a skincare company contacted me to provide me with products. There was no obligation to do a review, blah blah blah. They had no idea but it was a product I already used and loved so I felt good about accepting it because I knew it would be an honest review on my part. But then I decided not to do it. I've mentioned the product in passing, it's the least I could do (Joy and Karma). Pura D'Oro contacted me a few weeks ago. If you are a woman who has thinning hair, you can probably understand the desperation to find something, anything that will help your hair grow back. That's me. This brand makes a shampoo and conditioner that kind of sort of in a round about way make that claim. It will take months and months of continuous use to perhaps see results. I already use Rogaine and the laser HairMax device. Not sure how I would know if it was the shampoo. I was caught up in my thinning hair loss state of desperation and gave them my address. I'm mentioning them because I got this for free and now feel guilty. Have not used it yet, no idea if it works, if someday I think I have new hair sprouts because of this system, I will scream it from the roof tops.

Catrice All Matt Plus Foundation - Have you heard? Ulta is now carrying Catrice, although only online. Catrice is a brand near and dear to many beauty bloggers/vloggers/YTers hearts. It's available in Europe but not in the US. As all things in life, we want what we can't have! It's a high quality drugstore priced line and is owned by the same company that makes Essence. Haven't used it yet, it's up on my rotation for testing this week.
Catrice All Matt Plus foundation and Ulta Lip Primer
Ulta Lip Primer - This may have some chops! I need a lip primer to fill in my lip lines. I have tried umpteen brands of lip primer. Most of them deposit too much color and ruin the shade of my actual lipstick. Or they are meant to plump with tons of conditioning and moisturizing ingredients which makes them too slick. This Ulta lip primer is matte yet conditioning and waxy enough that it does slightly fill in my lip lines. It has no color. I'm going to try it a bit more this week with some of my matte lipsticks which I have given up on because my lines look even worse with matte lipstick. 

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water - I believe this launched in stores today but was available to order on line last week, which I did. I'll do my best to post a review, I'm sure I'll do a YT review. First and most important message is the shades run dark. I bought medium which is almost too dark for my self tan. Second, it feels like the new serum foundations. I would say this is light coverage and slightly buildable. I imagine some might say this is sheer, and some will say it's medium. Depends on your skin! I like medium coverage, medium plus is my sweet spot. Between the color and the coverage, this is probably going to be a return. It wears well.
Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water, Medium
Philosophy 12 piece 3 in 1 Shower Gel Collection - Yes, I've fallen off the wagon again with my 2015 Beauty Resolution to not buy shower gels.  Darn QVC.  12 scents in 6 oz bottles. So stinking cute and what a great way to try out a ton of scents. Even mix and match and create little scent recipes.  I have no guilt. I'm quite thrilled. I always like to mention that Philosophy shower gels are meant to be an in-shower scent experience which is one of the reasons I love them. The scent goes down the drain and does not linger on your body. I like that! I have no desire to smell like a Melon Daiquiri once I get out of the shower. However, the shower gels from their fragrance line do last beyond the shower, ie, Amazing Grace, Unconditional Love, etc.
Dozen Philosophy Shower Gels 
Philosophy Shear Splendor Shampoo and Conditioner - This is being returned. Years ago, this duo had rave rave rave reviews. But technology has come a long way in everything, not just cars and website. That includes hair care. Lots of great options out there now as compared to years ago. Philosophy discontinued Shear Splendor but recently brought it back out of the vault. I bought it this time around. Not good, particularly at the price. The shampoo is almost like a clarifying shampoo, my hair was that squeaky clean feeling when I was rinsing it. Kind of concerned me. Once I put the conditioner in, though, all was fine so I was back to being hopeful. After drying, my hair felt ok, nothing to right home about, but the frizz was out of control, I think because the shampoo just about stripped the heck out of it. 
Philosophy Shear Splendor Shampoo and Conditioner

Retin A, Careprost/Latisse, Skin Lightener/Tri-Luma - I order these from an off shore pharmacy. 

Fall clothes and shoes started arriving this week, too, but this blog is about beauty, not fashion. 

Learned something new this week and thought I would share it. I'm a huge proponent of "invasive procedures" to bring about a more youthful appearance. I've only had Botox and fillers but have no issue when the day comes to take the next step. Trust me, these hooded eyes of  mine are on the chopping block in the next year or two!

Be aware of your surgeon's credentials. I always thought that the term Cosmetic Surgeon was a true medical distinction or physician category. NOPE! That is a self-proclaimed title. Any doctor from an OB-GYN to a urologist to a pediatrician can make the claim they are a Cosmetic Surgeon. A doctor who displays a Cosmetic Surgeon title is self-taught or has taken quick courses. 

The real deal is a doctor who is a Plastic Surgeon, Facial Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist. These doctors are medically trained or board certified to touch your face!!!  

If you see something like American Board of Cosmetic Surgery that is not the same as a medical board certified membership. I don't know that I would care about the distinction for Botox or fillers but I'm pretty sure I will want a board certified plastic surgeon when  the day comes for my hooded eyes to take a hike.

I found this interesting and wanted to pass it along. For more detailed information see New Beauty Magazine, Summer Fall 2015 edition, page 194. 

If you are looking for Mature Beauty YT Channels, here's a list I've compiled and will be adding to as I learn of new channels.


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