Sunday, August 16, 2015

Weekly Beauty Edit 8.16.2015

I think that I have found myself a cheerleader...  Isn't that the cutest darn song? Hard to sit still when listening to it. What's the other song I'm liking? Give me a sec.... Blank Space by Taylor Swift. The lyrics are hysterical.... you look like my next mistake.... I have to love that chic, Taylor Swift, she always wears great bright lipstick.

Speaking of lipstick, I'm on a lipstick bender. Oh boy. You often hear about retail therapy. For me it is the opposite. I shop when I'm in a good mood. Let's just say I've been in a very good mood lately.

Lipstick Acquisitions
Clinique Bare Pop (top), Plum Pop (bottom)
Clinique Bare Pop - This is my least favorite of the new lipsticks in my collection. I believe in the bold lip or at least a lip with some color other than that which Mother Nature gave you. This is too much like my natural lip color. I thought it had more depth or maybe even pinkiness to it but no and no. It's a nice frosty finish and it does have a wee bit of rosy pink to it. I will learn to tolerate it. Or I will return it. Could make for a good 'trip to the grocery store' color.

Clinique Plum Pop - A color I can love. A color I do love. A deeper raspberry with a satin finish. Plum makes it sound as though it leans into the purple sphere but I don't think so. It stays in the wold of berries but not at super deep. Very smooth, stays in the lines, and wears about the average time. I don't judge lipstick by wear time, though. For me, one of the best parts of wearing lipstick is reapplying it.

YSL Pop Water Glossy Stain in 206 Misty Pink - Such a gorgeous pink! The trick with YSL Glossy Stains is that you apply two layers. Apply the first, let it dry, then apply the second. I believe YSL actually encourages a third layer. Seriously? Voulez vous crazy? Two layers will help maintain not only the color but also the shine. This is long wearing, indeed. It will make it through a meal and a couple cups of coffee. The "water" line is the newest addition to YSL Glossy Stains and is set apart with more hydration than the originals and a more sheer finish. This still packs color! If you want sheer, stick to your Fresh sugar balms.
YSL Water Pop Glossy Stain in Misty Pink
Sephora Rouge Infusion in 19 Peony - I can't decide if this is a more stunning pink or if the YSL Misty Pink is. What's a girl to do? Maybe this one is. Peony is a tad brighter, a bit more lively but the YSL is beautifully glossy. This stains the lips, wears longer than most and is simply pretty. This is a liquid lipstick which is usually not my thing. Sephora Lip Infusion applies neatly, stays wear you put it, and the doe foot applicator is compact enough for my smaller lips.
Sephora Rouge Infusion liquid lipstick
Kat Von D Studded Lipstick in Lovecraft - This was a 100 point perk and not at all the color I thought it would be. This is a rosy brown with too much brown in it for my liking. I find Kat Von D lipsticks drying but thought it was worth using a 100 point perk to see if my memory was correct. I didn't even swatch it since I knew this was not a color for me. Plan to give it away to someone who envies Kylie Jenner.

Givenchy Le Rouge in 201 Rose Taffetas - The star of the show this week! I do not own a lipstick in quite this color or finish. The finish is an almost shiny satin and the color is a warm pink with zero brown in it. It's a tad lighter than usual for me and it hits the sweet spot. It glides on but after a
Givenchy Le Rouge
couple of hours, my lips felt a little dry. I reapplied and my lips felt fine until a couple hours later. It is not uncomfortable but it was surprising since it started with such a luxurious feel. Givenchy lipstick packaging is substantial, you know you are holding a high end lipstick in your hand. Yet, I'm not a fan of the packaging. It's not something I will enjoy pulling out of my purse as I do Dior Addict. Now that is luxe packaging!

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy in 310 Potent - Such a pretty peachy pink or maybe a pinky peach. It is a gorgeous summer color that compliments bronzed skin. Hard to describe how it somehow brings out the bronze tones of a tan. I felt like a magazine ad, fresh, healthy, finished. This is just enough color for me and would be a great toe in the water for those that love their nudes. I wanted to go on vacation!
Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy in Potent

From left to right is Sephora Rouge Infusion in Peony, Clinique Bare Pop
Angled color is YSL Water Pop Glossy Stain in Misty Pink
From top to bottom is Givenchy Le Rouge in Rose Taffetas, Clinique Plum Pop and Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy in Potent
See above for color names

I have a few more coming next week. Yes, indeed, I was in a very good mood!


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