Sunday, December 27, 2015

Weekly Beauty Edit: 2016 Beauty Resolutions

I love January! Usually it means lots of cold and snow and I'm a cold and snow kind of girl. Chicago area is more like the tropics right now but I'm sure January and February will bring the snow. Snow is life as far as I'm concerned.  The other reason I love January is because it's time for fresh goals, lots of positivity, and the hustle of the holidays is gone.

Speaking of positivity and fresh goals, it's time to announce my 2016 Beauty Resolutions. I did fairly well with the 2015 Resolutions, here's a link to my results. Perhaps I will inspire you!  I find the key to NY Resolutions is to be very specific. Instead of saying you will drink more water, commit to drinking two glasses of water before noon. Makes sense? I find the same is true with beauty resolutions.

Here we go.....

Make it through the year without re-organizing my lipstick storage system
My two favorite categories of makeup are foundations and lipsticks. Lipsticks, however, slay me. How is it possible to walk past a lipstick display and not buy one...or two? This is inconceivable to me. I digress. I have reorganized my lipstick collection every year. I buy gadgets, I buy acrylic organizers, I buy stacking drawers, I buy dividers. Then I arrange them by color family, change my mind and arrange them by brand, change my mind and it all starts again. At some point last year, I bought two lipstick towers. Love them. Love. I'm ordering a few more and that is it. I'm done. I'm sticking with this system. Very easy to find lipstick and you can store 81 lipsticks in what I consider a tiny foot print. Organizing my glosses....that's another story and not part of this resolution.
Zahra Lipstick Tower

Whittle down my makeup up brush collection by half
Ouch, ouch, ouch. If someone asks me, I will tell them how many lipsticks I have. No problem sharing the number of foundations in my foundation drawer at this very moment. But I will not tell anyone how many makeup brushes I own. This may be the most difficult of my 2016 resolutions.

Wear my entire perfume collection 
The older I get, the wines I like are getting lighter and the perfumes I like are getting heavier. My favorite note has always been Lily of the Valley so to find myself liking oud is startling! Jessica McClintock (primary note is Lily of the Valley) has been in my collection since it launched in 1988. I remember it clearly because it was the year my first son was born. I still love it and wear it 4 days out of 7, some weeks it is 7 days out of 7. Tom Ford has introduced me to an entirely different genre (fancy word alert) of perfume. I detested his scents when he launched his fragrance line. Somehow, as he launched more and more scents and I kept sniffing, I found myself gravitating to them. I have enough sense to know that his scents are not mainstream which means I need to use caution for daytime. I work in an office. I like lots of fragrances but I have to move away from Jessica McClintock and Amazing Grace. I love my perfume collection but every morning, I reach for Jessica or Grace. Time to crack out of my shell.

No buying single powder shadows
Just as lipstick and foundation are my favorite categories, eye shadows are my least favorite category. I reach for my palettes every day or my cream shadows. Single shadows do nothing but take up space. Last year I tried to depot but that was the resolution I failed at so at the very least, this year I will not add to the collection. Earlier today I was at Walgreens and had a new L'oreal single in my hand, Cafe au Lait. Almost bought it. Girl!

No buying under makeup primer
In my humble opinion, primer is a bunch of hooey after the first couple of hours. Keep in mind, I have very oily skin. To me for my oily skin, foundation is the key along with setting powder. I have primers to mattify, blur pores, and increase longevity of foundation. Not falling for it any more.

Use Rogaine every day
Back in the saddle again. Enough said.

Do not wear the same lipstick two days in a row
One would think this is not difficult for me to do but, alas, it is. (was that another fancy word alert?) Yet, I wear the same lipstick three or four days in a row. This is not quite so serious as my perfume issue. I own about 10 perfumes. However, I own hundreds of lipsticks. Calm yourselves, I don't own hundreds of long as you don't count eye shadow brushes. I crack myself up!

Get a handle on all my samples
The nice thing about samples is that they are sealed which means I can in fact give them away. My mother lives in an independent retirement community.  I might start leaving baskets of samples in the common area and also taking a bunch on Saturday mornings to the food pantry that serves our community. I know this sounds insane but it is very difficult to donate single use items to women's shelters unless you have dozens and dozens of the exact same, identical product. At least it is in DuPage county Illinois.

There you have it. Do you make beauty resolutions? Have I inspired you? Let me know!

Thank you for carving time out of your day to read my blog!

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  1. You've got some really doable beauty resolutions Lulu! It's super hard for me not to use a lipstick in two (or more, lol) consecutive days. It seems that when I get into a color, I get into it for a few days in a row. But good luck - with all your lovely options, I'm sure you can do it! I'm rooting for you! I'm planning on doing a resolutions video for my YT channel but I'm not sure yet if they will all be beauty related. (PS: Now I really want to know how many brushes you own! LOL LOL) XOXO ~Olivia

  2. Great blog post. I think your resolutions are very do-able. Ahh, brushes. Not that I needed more either, but found myself picking up a set just this last month. I love that lipstick tower. Where ever did you find that one? Best of luck this year in your endeavor!