Sunday, March 6, 2016

Weekly Beauty Edit 3.06.2016 Beauty Resolutions Report Card

Time to keep me honest about my 2016 Beauty Resolutions. If you're new to my blog (thank you!) or missed my original Beauty Resolution post, here is the link.

I'm happy to report the state of my resolutions is strong. Did that sound a bit presidential? Good. Temptation and habit have almost destroyed my resolve but so far, I'm at 100%.

Here's a progress report along with the challenges I have overcome.

Make it through the year without re-organizing my lipstick storage system
Earlier this week I finally ordered two additional Zahra Lipstick Towers. Once they arrive, I'll be much less tempted to re-organize my lipstick collection. One of my other resolutions has made me a bit twitchy to do some reorganizing. Instead of reorganizing, I've been throwing my new lipsticks and those I have used into a decorative box.  The box is now overflowing. However, I'm convinced there is no better system for housing my lipsticks than the Zahra towers. I will wait patiently for them to arrive.

Whittle down my makeup up brush collection by half
I have started this painful and arduous process. One of my fellow YTers and Facebook friends had asked if I might be willing to send any unwanted eye brushes her way. Yes! As luck would have it, I had already started whittling down my eye shadow brushes making it easy enough to send her a care package of shadow brushes. She's in cosmetology school and hopes to become an independent makeup artist. Admittedly, I have thought about starting on my blush brushes every weekend and every weekend I find a way to procrastinate. There's 10 more months to get this done. It will take the entire 10 months. 

Wear my entire perfume collection
This has been an absolute joy! There are woman who love perfume in all its genres. They embrace florientals with as much passion as a gourmand or chypre. Not me. I will buy a lipstick or blush that is ok but for me to buy a perfume I have to love it, more than love it. It must make my toes tingle and my head swoon. It has to evoke an emotion. The emotion can be happy or pensive, romantic or silly but it must evoke something. Every perfume I have in my collection meets all these criteria yet most of the time, I wore either Jessica McClintock or Amazing Grace.  Justin Bieber's Boyfriend, Clinique Happy, Gianfranco Ferre, Faith Hill, Tresor and so many others that had been neglected until now. I own 16 fragrances and have loved rediscovering each one. 

No buying single powder shadows
Easy peasy on this one. Not too much to say other than I had one momentary temptation. All I can remember is that it was a NARS single, part of their Dual Intensity line. It wasn't so much of a temptation as it was I forgot about this resolution. When I put it in my Sephora cart, I remember and removed it promptly.

No buying under makeup primer
I thought this one would be easy but has proven to be difficult. I'm not sure if my quest for a perfect primer is more about the pursuit of younger looking skin or matte skin. I did buy the new Benefit Matte Rescue Gel  more as skincare than a primer. In any event, I returned it. About 10 years ago, I had very dry skin. Primer was easy back then. With oily skin, not so much. I keep telling myself that if I haven't found the magic primer by now, it simply doesn't exist. Unfortunately, I'm not convincing myself. Two months in, I'm good on this resolution. Come summer, this might break me.

Use Rogaine every day
Not easy, but keeping to this one. I'm also using a laser helmut thing. Raquel Welch wigs are next.

Do not wear the same lipstick two days in a row
This has been fun and hard at the same time. The habit of grabbing the same lipstick I tossed on my vanity from the day before is a much bigger habit than I realized. There are some mornings I negotiate with myself on whether I'm going to get a different lipstick or wear yesterday's. I have a large armoir and chest of drawers right outside our master bath which holds my makeup collection. It's all of 10 feet to go grab a new lipstick. Yet, I'm still drawn to the one on my vanity. Thus, the overflowing box of lipsticks. Trying to help myself, I now take the lipstick I wear and instead of tossing it on my vanity, I'm tossing it in the box on top of the chest of drawers. 

Get a handle on all my samples
I'm using more samples which is a step in the right direction. I still haven't given any away with the exception of my perfume samples. I have a friend in Idaho who loves perfume and I've been sending her bags of samples. Feels good to send them to a good home. On a positive note, I cancelled all my subscription boxes which means less samples coming into the house. This resolution requires a bit more thought on my part. 

Thank you for carving time out of your day to read my blog!


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  1. yes you did gift your brushes and I am LOVING them, thanks love.xoxoxoxoo

  2. Hi Lulu,
    I have a tip for you regarding Rogaine: apply it in combination with emu oil. Emu oil on its own can help with hair regrowth by addressing inflammation in the hair follicle, and when combined with Rogaine it's like putting the Rogaine on steroids. Makes it penetrate the skin better. There are published studies that showed it improved the results ( More info on emu oil for hair here: