Friday, November 21, 2014


A few years ago, I fell in love with YouTube. To this day, it is my daily addiction. It all started because of Sally Hansen's Airbrush Leg Makeup Spray. I could not imagine how a person could evenly spray color onto their legs but I needed to do it for an event; it was too late to self-tan. Maybe I googled how to use Sally Hansen leg spray, not sure, but it led me to YouTube. I was hooked. I searched for my other beauty challenge, applying false lashes. And so on an so forth. By the way, I'm a pro with Sally Hansen but still can't apply lashes. Thank heavens for Latisse and Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill.

More than anything, on YouTube I found a community of fellow beauty lovers who shopped and swatched and hoarded makeup without abandon or guilt. For the first time, there were other women who owned well over 100 lipsticks. It was normal. The only slight concern was that most of the BeautyTubers were decades younger than me. After I learned my way around YouTube, with some clever searching, I found BeautyTubers who were closer to my age. In the last year or two, the 40+ YouTube beauty community has grown exponentially. I'm giddy with joy. Earlier this year, I tried my hand at it. I made a dozen or so videos, enjoyed filming, enjoyed sharing, had 100s of ideas for content, but stopped. I used my iPhone 4, table lamps and kitchen lighting, and used standard YouTube edit software. Easy peasy. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about making videos again. Bought a new camera, bought new lighting, still have 100s of ideas but still not making videos. And so this blog was born. Could be wrong but I think blogging might be easier. No preparation needed!

Why am I blogging? Because I need beauty friends and the only place I will find them is in a cyber beauty community. I have great, great friends, family, neighbors, and peers in the real world. But no one is as much a crazy bird as I am about makeup and skin care. When I say "Pirate" I want someone who knows I'm talking about the best red lipstick Chanel has ever made and not a Peter Pan movie. When I say Josie Moran, I want someone who immediately thinks about argan oil. 

Beauty is frivolous and self-centered. It's very me-me-me, all about me. I like that! In the real world, though, it is exactly that - frivolous and self-centered. Not the best qualities according to the world of the serious. I'm done with serious. I have always loved makeup starting with that first Aziza trio I bought at Walgreens on the corner of Michigan and Chicago Avenues on the Mag Mile. I just happen to love it even more now. No doubt, aging has something to do with chasing my youth, grasping for every last inch of it as it slips farther away. I'm all about fun at this point in my life. Ok, every point in my life. There were points in my life that debating was fun, decorating was fun, cooking was fun, planning parties was fun, gardening was fun, volunteering was fun, work was (still is, actually!) fun, traveling was fun. Right now, makeup is one of the things in my fun bucket.

I hope this blogs finds its way to others who love makeup and skincare as much as I do. I hope to make new friends who won't blink at my 800+ nail polish bottle collection.  I hope to bring you beauty ideas, hauls, reviews, swatches, fails, shopping lists, sale alerts, product launches, recommendations and generally deep thoughts on makeup. If you chuckled rather than gasped at the "deep thoughts" phrase you have found yourself in the right place!

Welcome to the world of Lulu! 

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  1. Congrats on your new venture, Lulu. I just signed up for emails of your blog.
    Holly Sedal Luciano

  2. I'm all in, Lulu! looking forward to sharing deep thoughts ;)
    Linda Davie

  3. Congrats Lulu! Can't wait to read more!

  4. The "beauty maven" is back - great to see and hear from you. You look beautiful!

  5. I'm officially hooked, Lulu. Congrats on your blog. 💜