Sunday, March 8, 2015

Weekly Beauty Edit 3.08.2015

How was your week? Wish I could hear each of your answers. I always wonder who is on the other side of this blog, who is reading this, do you find it helpful, what would you like to read about? I've been at this a few months now and I want to take the time to say Thank You! This little blog of mine has been read over 1500 times. I realize there are bloggers who get that many clicks in an hour but to me, it is mind boggling that you, whoever you are, have clicked through to my blog over 1500 times. Thank you.

My week was filled with oggling new items on the Sephora site.Guerlain has a new bronzer, Terracotta Joli Teint Powder Duo. Swoon. Sephora starting carrying Kevyn Aucoin. Ladies, the struggle is real! I only have one face.

This Week's Cheeks
About 10 years ago, I only wore peachy shades on my cheeks. I was a peach on the cheeks and coral on the lips kind of girl. For the past few years, I embraced pink, especially cool pinks. With my warm undertones, I avoided cool tones for years. Well, that was silly! This week, I was back in the mood for peaches and apricots. I toned a few down, in deference to the weather, with Chanel Jersey.

Blushes this week included Revlon Photoready Coral Reef, MAC My Highland Honey, MAC Supercontinental, and Laura Geller Baked Elements Siena.

Suave Moroccan Infusion Conditioner - I don't think I have ever finished a bottle of shampoo or conditioner. Gasp. I didn't finish this one, either. Didn't close it all the way and it dripped out. This one left my hair a bit flat. The scent reminds me of Donna Karen Cashmere Mist, which I'm not a fan of but many are.

e.l.f. Makeup Remover Exfoliating Cleansing Cloths - I use cleansing cloths to clean swatches off my arms, not to remove face makeup. These are very abrasive. If you like that, these have your name on them!

Philosophy Microdelivery Triple-Acid Brightening Peel - used one up last week and will for the next few weeks.

Algenist Genius Vitamin C Serum - deluxe sample size, lasted me about two weeks. I use a Vitamin C serum every morning, first step after cleansing. This one has a slightly gel like texture with a very slight floral medicinal scent. It was fine but not at this price point, $115 for 1 oz. Say what? Algenist, you're getting on a high horse! Lots of great 20% Vitamin C serums for great prices. Search amazon.

Bare Mineral 5 in  1 BB Cream Eyeshadow Blushing Apricot - used this as my eye lid primer. Did an excellent job covering my redness and tea stains, prevented creasing all day, and applied smoothly without dragging. However, blending powder shadows was not as smooth as it is with Urban Decay Primer Potion or Milani Shadow Primer. I want to try the new one from Smashbox.

Philosophy 3 in 1 Shower Gel Barely Glazed - this is truly momentous. I have finished a shower gel. Hear the orchestra playing? Loved this scent. Delicious but not overly sweet or too bakery. Put me in a happy mood, no easy feat in the morning. I will repurchase this scent. Probably in 2018.

philosophy 3 in 1 barely glazed
Julep March Subscription Box - Whitney, a creamy greige that leans brown and I love, and Ali, a creamy mint green. Ali sure is pretty and I might be tempted later in the summer. The full size makeup item was black liner.

Porcelana Dark Spot Corrector plus Moisturizer - Palmer's changed the formula of my most favorite Eventone Fade Milk. They replaced the hydroquinone with niacinamide and licorice root, both known to work on fading spots. Sorry, I want hydroquinone. I use Fade Milk every other night on my arms and hands to prevent age spots. I'm really not liking the thickness of Porcelana or the metallic floral scent. Will have to check amazon or ebay for the original Eventone Fade Milk. Pretty sure I'll be returning the Porcelana.

eSalon Hair Color - I did it! Succumbed to the ads! Outstanding experience with the entire process, very helpful customer service. I was supposed to use it tonight but postponing to tomorrow. Wasn't in the mood for coloring hair tonight. Am I ever?

Hard Candy Plumping Serum Lipstick 851 Infamous - a bright pink with a smooth pearly finish. This is very hydrating, a little too much for me. Wonder if it will feather. My lips feel very slippery. Excellent opaque coverage, glides on, and a great price at $5. Hard Candy is only sold at Walmart.

TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Protection Spray - I've been doing research on heat protectant sprays. Do they really matter? Is it marketing? Will it save my hair from breaking? After copious reading and learning about ingredients and the science of  hair cuticles, the answer is yes. Of all the articles I read, this blog post by Beauty Brains was the easiest to understand. Heat protectant sprays make a difference. Lovely, one more step in the routine. I chose this one based on the ingredients. Not thrilled with the perfume-y scent, hope it doesn't linger.

OCC Skin Conceal Y2 - I've been happy with Dermablend Cover Creme as the concealer I use on my oily, broken capillary nose. It takes a very dry, wax based concealer to help with this nose. Not easy to find since most concealers are made to glide on and blend seamlessly. I read a review that OCC's concealer was very dry, even though OCC claims it is hydrating. I believed the reviewer rather than the marketing claims and bought it. So far so good. I did a side by side experiment for two days, not any better than Dermablend. The OCC is much more compact and will be perfect to carry in my makeup bag. Happy.

Wet N Wild Ready to Propose

Mani of the Week
Wet N Wild Ready to Propose - Bought this last week and couldn't wait to wear it. Wore like iron! This photo is after 6 days of wear and each of my 10 nails look this good. Two coats of polish, base coat was Revlon Colorstay (which I stocked up on, thank you amazon) and top coat was NYC In a New York Minute. This polish applied like a dream, no drag marks, even coverage, no puddling in the cuticles. Gorgeous!


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