Sunday, March 1, 2015

Weekly Beauty Edit 3.1.2015

I want my hair color to be richer, have more depth and dimension but not be any darker. I logged on to eSalon, all their ads had me curious. It was a very good process, lots of relevant questions and then finally the screen that gave me the choices most appropriate for me, based on my answers. I went back and forth, clicking and clicking as the model's hair changed color with every click. I made the decision, with with golden rather than copper, tones. That was the highlight of my week in beauty. Here's a little bit more about my week in beauty.....
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Trish McEvoy No 9

Trish McEvoy No 9 Eau de Parfum and Body Cream - this is the more grown up, but still very fun and flirty, sister to Philosophy Falling in Love. No 9 is ever so slightly less sweet and less fruity. This is not a sophisticated or complex scent. Trish describes it as Blackberry and      Vanilla Musk. Delicious!

 Wet N Wild LE New Vinyl Eye Shadow Palette - this is part of their Spring 2015 collection. The New Vinyl is the most neutral of the palettes. Wet N Wild makes outstanding eye shadow. It is pigmented, smooth, highly blendable and not too dusty.

Wet N Wild Ready to Propose Nail Polish - this is a gold foil, one that does not look like New Year's Eve. It doesn't lean green, which many golds do and it's not too buttery. This is a true foil, no sparkles. Excellent formula.
Wet n Wild Ready To Propose
Sephora Lash Curler - this is a bit wider than most, according to Sephora, to accommodate more eye shapes. I have small eyes and finding a lash curler is tough. I like e.l.f.'s and Tarte's better than this one for my eye shape. The Sephora is a bit too wide and doesn't give me an even crimp along my entire lash line. I very much like the tension and the band, though.

CSI Hyaluronic and Pycnogenol Eye Cream - this is Vitacost's own beauty line. Prices are incredible for the quality and ingredient decks. I am really liking this as my daytime eye cream. I have very very dry and extremely sensitive under eyes. I need something highly hydrating but fulling absorbing for the day so my concealer won't slip and slide. I dont' have bags or dark circles. This is a cosmetically elegant cream and for most would be great for night and day. I'm trying to find something less expensive than Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm which I love love love. This might be it! $8.95 vs $65.00. Heck that's almost two extra Chanel lipsticks!

Spring 2015 New Beauty Test Tube
New Beauty Test Tube - a quarterly subscription service by New Beauty magazine. Filled with lots of deluxe sample sizes and sometimes full sizes. It's been a wee bit heavy on the hair products lately. I adore the magazine which is expensive for a magazine, $10, but I find it the most authoritative and to the minute single source for skincare, ingredients and procedures.

Earth Therapeutics Cosmetic Spa Headband - not that I needed one, as though I need anything on this blog, but the color was so pretty, a mint green. I have a thing, not a good thing, about getting my hair wet when cleansing my face at night or after a mask. I have the same issue with wooden cooking spoons but that would take an entirely different blog to explain!

Philosophy Footnotes Scrub - any scrub will do for the tootsies but I love the pampering aspect of having one just for my feet. This is a very fine grit and a strong mint or eucalyptus scent, not at all oily so you don't kill yourself in the shower. Philosophy has discontinued this item and I'm stinkin' mad. Very happy I found a 7 oz SuperSize on amazon for $19 shipped (we have a Prime membership). Bought two! This same size was $26 on ebay.

Philosophy Microdelivery Peel - I have a SuperSize box of these, 24 count, and I'm down to my last 5. Please QVC, have another TSV on these, the price can't be beat. I use one of these every Monday night, it's a triple acid brightening peel. Each pad is big enough for my face, neck, decolette, arms and hands. Until I started this blog, I didn't realize what a "philosophy girl" I was.

Walgreen Minoxidil 2 oz - this is generic Rogaine. Sad but true. Once again, until I started this blog I never thought of myself as high maintenance. Maybe I am. Maybe I should rename this blog to Beauty Zen.

From The Archives
philosophyApricots and Cream
Philosophy Apricots and Cream Body Lotion - always fun to go into my beauty vault and rediscover former favorites and it's another philosophy product (the company's logo is with a lower case p)! If
you love the scent of fresh apricots, this is a must have. I have the shower gel and the body mist but it is in the body lotion that you get the best, juiciest, freshest apricot scent.

Homemade Honey and Hyaluronic Acid Mask - one of my favorite masks is a thin layer of unprocessed, unpasteurized, natural, raw honey. Skin is very plum and juicy afterward, nice glow, smooth, balanced. I ever so slightly melted some in a bowl to be able to mix in hyaluronic acid serum. Slapped it on my face, laid down and listened to Madame Secretary. My face looks very happy!

IT Cosmetics Celebration Illumination Powder Foundation - My standout product for the week! Some use powder foundation as a finishing or setting powder over a liquid foundation but I use it as my stand alone foundation. Buff it on, it's beautiful, and lasts the full work day. Don't let the "illumination" word concern use, it is more of a satin finish, not sparkle or shimmer or sheen. I find this to be medium coverage which is my preference. I use a flat top brush, whichever is clean. The $3 e.l.f. Flat Top Powder Brush is excellent!

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse - Another standout product for the week was this cosmetic oil that put Nuxe on the map. You can use it as you would any cosmetic oil. I like this one particularly for my cuticles
at bedtime. It is a combination of essential oils in a base oil and although there is not jasmine in it, to me it has the intoxicating scent of jasmine. It's a dry oil for quick absorption. Makes bedtime luxurious! P.S The Nuxe lip balm gets rave reviews but not from me. In case you were wondering.


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