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Weekly Beauty Edit 1.31.2016 Lipstick Discoveries

One of my 2016 Beauty Resolutions was to not wear the same lipstick two days in a row (resolution blog post here). Last year, I had gotten in the habit of picking up the same lipstick day after day. For a lady who own more lipsticks than there are countries in the world, this was a problem.
Chubby lipstick pencils - my favorite for applying
Keeping this resolution has been a blast. So much so that I've gone a step farther and wore a different lipstick each day in January.  Equal opportunity is the name of the game, from Wet N Wild to Cle de Peau. There was a time when peach, coral, brick made up the bulk of my collection. Slowly, I've come over to the cool side of life and find I mostly buy pinks, reds and berries the last few years.

It is always the color that catches my eye rather than the brand, price or packaging. Luxurious packaging does score points with me, though! I have bought and returned more YSL lipstick than I care to admit. I love the packaging but can't stand the scent. The packaging grabs me, I'll try again and turn green from the scent and taste of roses on my lips. What was I talking about? Oh, color is my guiding force. I think that is fairly typical but I do have friends where formula or brand are the guiding force to buy or not buy. Luckily, I like all finishes except matte. It's not that I don't like the look of matte but on my small heavily lined lips, matte does not do me any favors. A matte red on full, plump lips makes me weak in the knees.
YSL and Dior, some of my favorite packaging
This past month has enlightened me on my lipstick preferences. I have a clear preference for the chubby pencil packaging. I do not at all like the application methods for liquid lipsticks. Doe foot for gloss is fine, for saturated color lipstick, no.  Medium to slightly deep pink, either warm or cool, is my favorite color but I am starting to pick back up on my love of deep peachy corals. Finally, lipstick that stains is the best thing since the invention of waterproof mascara!

Contrary to many women, I don't at all care about how long a lipstick lasts. I enjoy applying lipstick. I have to admit a lipstick that barely make an hour on my lips is not acceptable. Two hours at a minimum is my bar for making the grade.

If I had to pick favorite formulas, it would be the Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy and the Too Face La Creme lines. Bite Beauty Maybelline could be on this favorite formula list. Yes, they should make the list. It may be heresy but I'm not a fan of the NARS Audacious line or Tom Ford. As far as the chubby pencils, hands down I love Jordanna, Wet N Wild and Revlon. I wish they'd both expand the color selection.

What do I own the most of? Maybelline followed by MAC, Too Faced, Estee Lauder and Dior. I was surprised I owned as much Dior as I do. It's the packaging!
Two of my favorite reds, Chanel Pirate and Lipstick Queen Have Paris
I don't think I have many rules when it comes to lipstick other than scent and feathering. If I don't like the scent, out it goes. Not any color, formula or packaging will win me over if I don't like the scent. Feathering is another issue I won't tolerate. I don't wear lip liner. There are too many wonderful choices out there in lipstickland to suffer through either of these issues.

Almost forgot to mention, if a lipstick tube has a magnetic snap and feels heavy in the hand, my heart be still!

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