Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Series: My Favorite Things, Part 2

A link to Part 1 of this series can be found at the end of this post.

I have a list of 30ish items that are tops in my book. Some are specific items and some are categories of items. This series is not in any particular order. I wouldn't say these are Holy Grail because I own and love a lot of things. But because I own a lot of everything, when I call something my favorite, it' has to be pretty darn good in my book. Would I be sad if any were discontinued? Maybe but I don't think so. Let's be serious, it's makeup.

100% Pure Acetone
100% Pure Acetone
Fast, fast, fast. It is amazing how quickly pure acetone dissolves polish off the nails. Giving myself an at-home manicure is a very relaxing ritual. Plus, I don't like nail salons. That's a story over a glass of wine. I change my polish every 4 to 7 days. Depends on my mood. It's not just a polish change but I deep condition my nails as part of the process which is why I'm good with using pure acetone. It can be very drying to cuticle or nails. I apply a very emollient hand cream every night at bed time and use a nail oil a few times a week, too. During my manicure, after I remove my polish and cleanse my hands, I apply a drop of whatever oil is handy, usually jojoba, and rub into my nail, cuticle and underside. I go about doing whatever, usually watching TV, posting on FB or watching YT videos, and about 30 minutes later will cleanse my hands again and then begin applying polish. Using pure acetone is significantly faster and easier compared to acetone "based" nail polish remover, ie, Cutex, Zoya, many store brands. You can find pure acetone most anywhere but make sure it says 100% Pure Acetone, not just Acetone Nail Polish Remover. There's a difference!

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer
In the summer I often reach for a mattifying primer but they don't play well with many foundations. An obsessive foundation-ista like me has time and temperament to test and play to discover the right combinations. If I could only pick one, though, it would be Hourglass's primer. It keeps me more matte than
Hourglass Primer .33 oz

most other non-specialty primers but don't believe it would be drying for those with dry skin. It smooths the pores and fine lines enough to make me happy. Foundation glides on, blends beautifully and wear time is extended. What more could I ask for? Oh, I know. A lower price point and better packaging. Price, well, it is Hourglass so that won't change. But I hope they start making this in a squeeze tube. Very hard to get the last 1/4 of the bottle out so you need to remove the cap then dig in with a Q-Tip or makeup spatula. The deluxe sample size (.33 oz) and the regular size (1 oz) come in glass pump bottles. The jumbo size (2 oz) does come in a squeeze tube at $72. I hope this is a sign of things to come to the smaller sizes. My second favorite is Dior Diorskin Pore Minimizer Primer. Again, spendy but great packaging!

 Palmer's Eventone Fade Milk
Palmer's Eventone Fade Milk $8 for 8.5 oz
Rather like exercise, which I dread and avoid at all costs, this only works if you use it forever and ever, amen. It is part of my bedtime routine every 3rd or 4th night, a bit more often in short sleeve weather. I'm not sure which is busier -  my morning routine getting ready for work or my nightly bedtime! I buy this at Wal-Mart and find it in the ethnic skin care/hair care section. Here's a link to it on the WalMart website. No doubt other big box stores or drug stores carry it. As with anything, amazon always works! Palmer's Eventone Fade Milk runs about $8 for 8.5 oz. It's a very liquid lotion making it easy and quick to apply. It
contains 2% hydroquinone so if you have issues with that ingredient, this is not for you. I've used this for years and have no age spots on my hands or arms. Admittedly, I've avoided the sun for quite sometime and do use SPF on my hands almost daily. If I'm wearing short sleeves in warm weather, I'll apply SPF to my arms, too.  There are many 2% hydroquinone products easily available at the drug store or any big box store. The reason I choose this one is because of the thin, liquid easy to spread formula and the scent! Hydroquinone has an awful stench which causes companies to over fragrance products containing the ingredient. Scent is personal but to me, Fade Milk has a light scent that does not bother me at bedtime. To my nose, there is a trace of Lily of the Valley.

Threshold Hair Wrap (superior version of the Turbie Twist)
This blows the Turbie Twist out of the water! Get it....out of the water? I can only find these at Target in the Home section, near the towels. Here's a link to them on the Target website. Usually they are on an end cap. So much thicker, more absorbent, cuter designs and color, come in two packs, and I find them easier to tuck. Again, I'm a crazy woman in the morning trying to get out the door so if something can save me time, I'm all over it. This absorbs water better than any towel, is very lightweight unlike most towels, and stays on tightly. I have no idea why but I feel like Lucille Ball, in an elegant way, when I'm walking around the house with this on my head. Must be from some episode of I Love Lucy I have tucked in my head. Get it......tucked in my head?

Part 1 of My Favorite Things Series can be found here.


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