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Weekly Beauty Edit 1.18.2015

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Fun week with mascara. I used a different mascara each day. My lashes are stick straight  that also point slightly downward. Top that with the fact my eyes get more and more hooded every year. Looking at me from a profile angle, my upper lids actually rest on my lashes adding more pressure on them to point downward. As much as possible, I try to buy waterproof mascara since it will help hold a curl, kind of like hairspray for lashes! I curl my lashes every day. If I don't, some days I feel like I'm looking "through" my lashes as they point downward. Need to check and see at what point insurance will cover an upper lid lift. I know there is a specific test and photos the doctor needs to submit to the insurance company.

Garnier Nutrisse Hair Color in 50 Medium Natural Brown. I can't stand coloring my roots. Ugh. My hair grows quickly because I take Biotin to help keep the hair I do have thick and healthy and speed up the new growth spurts from Rogaine. That also means I have to do my roots more often. Before applying the dye to my roots, I saturate the bottom 4 or 5 inches of my hair in jojoba oil. It's a mini treatment but also if any dye touches that area, it is less likely to take. Color grabs color and medium brown will eventually turn dark brown and then really dark brown. I never pull my color through the last 5 minutes as the directions suggest.

Emjoi MicroPedi Refill Roller. I was to the the Pedi-Egg. When I discovered the Emjoi MicroPedi, well, there are no words unless you try it for yourself. Look it up if you're not familiar with it! It's battery operated and has a spinning cylinder shaped pumice. You simply "shave" your souls with this cylinder. More info than you need but I get calluses on the ball of my feet from wearing heels most days and barefoot most nights. The calluses hurt as they press into the bone. I have had zero pain since my Emjoi.

Philosophy Soul Owner Foot Cream. Best foot cream ever. Sadly, it was discontinued late last year. I bought 6 tubes from the Philosophy website when I saw it moved to the Outlet page. A Black Friday coupon code helped, too. I rarely buy back-ups of anything! I've been using this foot cream for 15 years while also trying others. Nothing has come close in my opinion. It has both AHAs and BHAs, is very thick and moisturizing, absorbs in less than 10 minutes, and has a wonderful herbal scent which has become a "habit" scent at bed time. I actually cut the tube in half when I couldn't squeeze more out which I have NEVER done with any product. Since I know these six tubes are my last, I'm using every bit. My second favorite foot cream is Aveda Foot Relief. I also use Soul Owner as my bed time hand cream to keep my hands exfoliated.

Translucence Resurfacing Serum by SKINN is an enzyme exfoliating serum I use every night right after cleansing. This product is similar to Perricone's Blue Plasma or Isomer's Synchronizer.  I used to use a glycolic serum but the concept of using enzymes to loosen up the dead cells and speed turnover appealed to me more. I use prescription Retin A and thinking the older I get, I need effective but milder ingredients. I will be using up my Blue Plasma next. I bought a Perricone Today's Special Value kit a few months ago so the price was right. Otherwise, I would not buy Perricone Blue Plasma due to price and knowing there are less expensive, equally effective options. I also bought the Translucence in a kit. The strongest of the three mentioned is the Isomers Synchronizer. Even with my oily skin I get flaky in the mouth and chin area, thus, gave up using Synchronizer.

Sinner perfume roller ball by Kat Von D, Kat, mostly known for her makeup line sold at Sephora, once had a perfume line as well, I think only three scents: Saint, Sinner and Poetica. I bought a roller ball of Sinner from an ebay seller and it arrived this week. For me, this is a winter scent and can only wear it maybe once a week or couple of weeks. Reading the actual notes, it is not how I would describe it. According to
Kat Von D Sinner Perfume Roller Ball
fragrantica, most will pick up a mix of white floral, warm spicy patchouli, cinnamon and sweet vanilla. I also pick up on some musk the longer I wear it. My favorite scents are Lily of the Valley, Magnolia and Gardenia so you can see Sinner is really not in my wheel house but on certain days, mmmmm. P.S. I love the fragrantica website because it breaks down the notes most of us regular folks will pick up in a fragrance as well as listing the actual notes or the fancy pant folks. Actual notes never make sense to me! What the heck does a Heliotrope smell like? I want to know what my untrained nose will smell!

Wayne Goss #4 and #5 Eye Shadow Brushes. I forgot to post about these last week. Jury is still out but I'm not jumping up and down about them. They are spendy, not as spendy as Hakuhodo and Chikuhodo even though Goss are made in the same Japanese tradition, each bristle is a "natural" end and each brush is handmade. Yes, they are soft but brushes have come a long way in the last two years and many at all price points are very soft as compared to five years ago. My issue is how these work on mature, crepy, LOOSE eye lids. The bristles are soft but also stiff at the same time. My eye lid skin "moves" with the brush making it difficult to apply shadow smoothly. Anyone with older lids completely understands. I need eye shadow bristles with more give. The natural end bristle picks up eye shadow beautifully but with soft eye shadows, like LORAC Pro or Mega Pro, the stiffness (density?) of the bristles causes a lot of dust kick-up in the pan if you're not gentle. I'm not gentle when I'm trying to get ready and out the door like a crazy woman in the morning. I bought them from beautylish and the packaging was simply out of this world. Hand packed with love and creativity. It's a problem when you like the shipping packaging more than the actual product!

L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation. I love this foundation. I wrote an entire review about it which you can read here L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Review

CoverGirl Lip Lava Gloss in Ooh La Lava and Lava Glow.These are fun, pigmented, not sticky and last long enough for a gloss. Downside it the brush style applicator which, inevitably, become splayed. All of these are sparkly or shimmery, even a bit of duo chrome going on. The Lava Glow is more of a gold shimmer overcoat which I apply only in the center of my lip to create an optical illusion of a pouty, fuller lip. I've had my eye on Guerlain's Maxi Shine Gloss D'Enger in 400 Gold Tchlak Guerlain's Maxi Shine Gloss D'Enfer in 400 Gold Tchlak. It's $30. It's the only gold overcoat gloss I know of. Usually, I tap some gold shadow on the center as I've been holding off on the Guerlain. The Lava Glow works but I wish the gold were lighter in color and the shimmer bits a bit smaller. Guerlain is always perfect, isn't it?

Dior Miss Dior Eau de Parfum. Love miniature perfume bottles. Whenever Sephora offers them as a 250 point perk, I order one even if I have no idea how the perfume smells. I have a little collection on my dresser. I ordered Miss Dior a few months ago and tried it this week. Could be me, but I feel like the miniatures need to sit a few months to cure. Sounds like a cliche but Miss Dior smells like the classic Raid bug spray of yesteryear, bad roses. I will edit Miss Dior out of use but will most definitely keep it in my miniature collection.

L'Oreal Visible Lift Blur Foundation. This is a delete. Had very little coverage, did not blur anything.

Wet N Wild Max Volume Plus Mascara. I don't like to judge a mascara until I've used it a few times since freshly opened mascara is not an accurate reflection of it's true performance. This mascara kind of clumped but more accurately, it left tiny clumps of mascara here and there on my lashes. I'd try to brush them out but then landed up with more mascara than I care to wear. Pull out my lash comb to de-clump. Delete.

Revlon Lip Butters in Sugar Frosting, Pink Truffle, and Sugar Plum. I continue to delete my Lip Butter collection since I never wear them. If you like the resurgence of brownish rose 90s lip that Kylie Jenner wears you might like the Plum Truffle. If you like the new Marsala color of the year, try the Pink Truffle.


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