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Beauty Sample Saturday #3

There's a saying in the beauty community to "shop your stash" so you can use items you forget about, particularly those that have a shelf life. If you find yourself on a budget or need to divert fun money to another cause for a while, shopping your stash is a blast from the past. Lots of treasures in that beauty graveyard we all have! Some graveyards are a little bigger than others but we won't talk about that right now. Ok?

Negative Review Lulu
aka Evil Queen
The thing about shopping my stash is that I already know those products. As much as I enjoy rediscovering a blush I love, I already know that blush, good or bad. But shopping my sample stash is filled with surprises.  it's a new discovery every day.  Also good about samples is when I don't like something, it's no biggie! Don't have to deal with getting back to the store to return or mail back. It's even a bit of Evil Queen fun to discover I don't like something and share on here. Evil, evil, evil.

How did Sample Saturday start? Early this month, two wonderful BeautyTubers (YouTubers who make videos about beauty) I follow started a challenge for May. They wanted to use one sample each day, 31 samples in 31 days, followed-up with mini reviews. They invited other BeautyTubers and subscribers to join in. Here I am!

The two YouTube Beauties who motivated me to do this are:
Olivia and here is her video (channel name: makeupfunwitholivia)
Cherylene and here is her video (channel name: Cherylene)

There are two more YouTube Beauties participating, too.
Cheryl and here is her channel (channel name: Cheryl's Corner)
Cindy and here is her channel (channel name: Old Broad)

This week's beauty samples and mini-reviews!

May 16 Vita Liberata Self Tanner
Vita Liberata pHenomeal
I have 10 things I want to say about this self-tanner all at the same time. Where to start? I will not purchase. I have used this in previous years and recall not being happy with the tone for my coloring. This time of year, all the raves start up again and I get swept up so I selected this as a perk on Sephora with a deluxe sample coupon code. Maybe I'll like it this year? As in previous years, this was fine but others that are better on me. But, I also had a new discovery about Vita Liberata this year and not a good one. In the evening, I was epilating my legs and as I was up close and personal to my legs, I noticed that my legs were speckled. Not good! This self-tanner has two claims that are highly unusual in the self-tanner world. First claim is it lasts 2 to 3 weeks if you follow the directions of 1) applying 2 to 3 times over a 12 to 24 hour period, 2) shower only with water prior to each of those applications, and 3) do not use moisturizer.  In my opinion, you might, under a microscope, have some color left after 2 weeks. Under a really strong microscope. Second claim is it does not develop that dreaded self-tanner stench. On me, it does develop the stench. Is it as prominent a stench as other self-tanners? No. To be fair, I've read many reviews that agree with this no stench claim. All I can say is after 6 or 7 hours, I absolutely get whiffs of that stench. I haven't made YouTube videos in over a year. The speckling of this PLUS the discovery of a very inexpensive, outstanding self-tanner, Tanwise, moved me to come out of hibernation and make a YouTube video. It will be posted this week. I'm having some technical difficulty as well as old age memory loss of how to upload and combine two videos into one. 

May 17 Clean Skin EDP
Escada Delicate Notes
Clean Skin
Last week I sampled and reviewed Clean Warm Cotton, here's a link to that post. This week I sampled Clean Skin and I think I'm going to buy it!!! I find it to be a delicate white musk. It's not a heavy musk. If you recall the original Alyssa Ashley (in the 70s) or Jovan White Musk, this is very similar to both but Clean Skin is lighter. NOTE: If you have sampled either Alyssa Ashley or Jovan White Musk in the past decade, horrible!!!! I'm talking the originals. None of the EDPs by Clean have longevity. This is not an all day wearing scent. It has some floral, maybe that is what makes it more subtle. It does not, in my opinion, smell like any philosophy scents, namely Amazing Grace or Pure Grace, both of which I own and love. Some musk scents are considered unisex, I think this is definitely a feminine scent.

May 18 Escada Delicate Notes EDT
Most of Escada's scents are limited edition. Before posting, I checked and this one is available at the online outlet sites like overstock or fragrantica. This is not a scent for me. Top note is rose. I keep trying to like rose, but I don't. Love a fresh rose to sniff but when it comes to wearing anything with predominant rose notes, I can't. The rose notes in Delicate Notes simmer down quickly, maybe within 30 minutes, and become more subtle. However, when you don't like something, that "something" sticks out like a sore thumb whether it's a flavor in a food dish or a note in perfume. To me, once the rose tapers off, what is left smells like an inexpensive shower gel labeled "floral" but with a slight men's cologne edge to it. Bleh. Even if you are a rose lover, I would not recommend this one.

May 19 Lancome Nude Miracle Foundation
Like this a lot. In general, I'm really liking the new technology of "serum" foundations. I think the only one I didn't like was the Bare Minerals version. I've probably tried 10 or so because you all know, foundation gives me life. And lipstick. The Lancome Nude Miracle dries down to a powder
Lancome Nude Miracle
finish which is good for my oily skin. Within an hour or two, it was a lovely satin finish on me. I think if you like satin to dewy, maybe not a good choice for you. Also, if you have dry skin, not so sure if you will like this, it might be too flat for you. Had very good pore coverage. I used primer on one side of my face, Lancome La Base Pro Pore Eraser, and none on the other but pores looked pretty good on both sides. Good medium coverage, seems like it would be buildable. This is going on my buy list. I like this better than the Armani Luminous Silk I sampled last week, Nude Miracle is better with my oily skin.

May 20 Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask
If you are looking for a 100% natural and non-toxic (say what?) enzyme facial exfoliator, this is one to consider. All natural is not important to me and for the money, I will not repurchase this. I think there are more effective enzyme exfoliators, Zia Pumpkin, Zia Papaya, Alba Botanical Hawaiian Facial Mask, Platinum Skin Care Antioxidant Enzyme Mask, Makeup Artists Choice Triple Enzyme Peel are some options. Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask has a medicinal scent, is gel like, dries in about 10 minutes, and rinses off easily. Very little, if any tingle.
Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask
May 21 St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Facial Lotion
I think is as good as any other facial self-tanner I have used. I self tan my body and I want my face to match so that when my foundation wears off, I don't look like a ghost head. I apply a facial self-tanner every night as the last step in my summer skin care routine. Right now loving St. Tropez Self Tanning Facial Oil. I have the Clarins drops on the way. The St Tropez Facial Lotion has a bronze tint to it but it is very subtle when applied. It has a perfume-y fragrance added to it.
St. Tropez Bronzing Lotion Face Self Tanner
May 22 (sorry, no sample on the 22nd)

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  1. Thank you for mentioning me Lulu! Ooh you have me intrigued by that Clean Skin Fragrance! It sounds like something I might like. And LOL about the evil queen! LOL. XOXO ~ Olivia