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Weekly Beauty Edit 5.10.2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Mom, the most beautiful woman I know!


and Now
Wayne Goss Brushes #04 and #05
I bought these brushes earlier this year. For those who may not know, Wayne Goss is a professional makeup artist who has become quite the phenomenon on YouTube. He's gotten a wee bit too commercial but his tips and tricks still hit the mark. I applaud his years of hard work which has now payed off in success. Last year, he developed his own brush line. These brushes are remarkable and although do not quite rival Hakuhodo, Chikuhodo or Suqqu, similarly each of his brushes are cut by hand by Japanese artisan, each hair has a with a natural end and  are made of highest quality, cruelty free, hair. They are only available in the US via beautylish. I highly recommend this online beauty etailer, the packaging will make you feel like a princess. They also define the art of customer service.

Wayne Goss 05 on left, Wayne Goss 04 on right
When these brushes arrived, I was more impressed by the beautylish packaging than I was by the brushes. These were not inexpensive. I thought about returning them but all reviews were extremely positive. What was I missing? I kept them. About two months ago, I used a somewhat difficult to blend eye shadow. I had no time to start over and the brush I was using was moving my crepy eye lid back and forth instead of blending out the shadow. Can you relate? I looked at my shadow brush holder, don't ask, saw a blending brush that looked clean. I started to blend and swans were swimming! (Everyone always says angels were singing so I'm trying a new phrase out, swans were swimming. Have you seen how beautiful swans are when they float a pond?) This brush effortlessly blended the impossible to blend shadow without moving my lid. Unheard of! The bristles are so soft they do not remove shadow, but are stiff enough to blend yet not too stiff to grab the thin, aging skin of my eye lid and move it back and forth. 

I now use the 04 and 05 almost exclusively and thinking about buying two more. I have small, hooded eyes. Did I mention they were thin and crepy, too? The 05 is small and fits my small lower lid, I think the new term is mobile lid. I can place my lid color precisely without getting it up in the crease. This brush rarely kicks up dust even with my dustiest, most powdery shadow. The 04 is the perfect blending and crease brush.  My original wishy washy review is now a swans are swimming review!

From the Archives
Mally Pilar Pink Lipstick - There is a story behind this limited edition color lipstick. This is completely coincidental but I realized while I was writing this blog post how appropriate I'm blogging about this lipstick today. It's a beautiful story.  Mally created this lipstick color and sold it on QVC in memory of her mother who died from breast cancer. I still distinctly remember the presentation. If you've ever seen Mally Roncal on any presentation, her energy and joy are contagious. To see her talking about her mother, was moving beyond words.  Mally named her first born daughter after her mother, Pilar.  Of all the pink lipsticks I own, this one is in my top 10, maybe my top 5. It is simply the perfect pink on me. 
Mally Milar Pink Lipstick 
MAC Sea Me, Hear Me LE Blush
MAC Sea Me, Hear Me Extra Dimension Blush - I think the MAC LE Alluring Aquatics Summer 2014 collection was the prettiest MAC packaging ever. Some MAC LE packaging might be cuter but this one was my favorite. This blush is similar to Tarte Exposed, Chanel Jersey, (maybe) NARS Douceur, and Color Cosmetics Coconut. It's described as a beige pink. It's a neutral, somewhat sheer tawny shade. You can't see where the blush begins or ends on your cheek, only that you look more finished, more defined, more healthy without being flushed. 

L'oreal True Match Foundation - An oldie but goodie that I enjoy every time I return to using it. This is one of those foundations that is perfectly middle of the road. Not too matte, not too dewy, not too heavy, not too light, medium coverage you can sheer out or build up. Use your fingers, use a brush or use a Beauty Blender - this foundation plays nicely with all of them. It lasts long enough, gets me through most of my workday with a few touch ups. All this at a very affordable price point and shade range that spans just about every woman on earth. That's an exaggeration but not by much. I own two colors. Most of the year I'm W4 and in the summer I mix with W7.  

Givenchy Mister Mat Mattifying Primer - Dreadful. This is a highly fragranced, thick, silicone primer. I feel like I'm putting a layer of Crisco on my face and then spraying it down with the inside of Ulta on Christmas Eve. Ugh. Mattifying? No. Suffocating? Yes. 

Givenchy Mister Mat Mattifying Primer - No!
Nail Polish News
Orly Free Spirit LE Elsa Collection - This entire collection was magical. I snagged three of the colors on clearance at Walgreens. Free Spirit is a purple pink creme.  Applied Revlon Colorstay Base Coat, two coats Free Spirit and NYC In a New York Minute fast drying top coat. Applied nicely but I had a difficult time getting a defined edge around my cuticle. Maybe difficult is too strong a word. Wasn't thrilled with the brush, the formula was fine. Brush in this LE is a little thin and a little stiff. 


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