Saturday, May 30, 2015

Beauty Sample Saturday #4

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This is the last edition of Beauty Sample Saturday as part of the challenge to use 31 samples in 31 days. I might continue this as a self-challenge because I absolutely enjoyed using my samples. Rather like giving myself a bit of a present every day!

You'll notice three days of mascara. There's a stash of mascaras I need to get through to pick the winners and losers. Earlier this week, I placed all the mascaras into a basket and each day, I'm reaching into the basket and using one. Just so happened that three days in a row they were the sample size. Each night, on my Facebook page, I'm posting a pic of what my lashes look like after a full day of wearing that mascara. Here's a link to my FB page, let's be friends! The page is public in case you don't have a FB account.

A bit of history behind Sample Saturday..... Early this month, two wonderful BeautyTubers (YouTubers who make videos about beauty) I follow started a challenge for May. They wanted to use one sample each day, 31 samples in 31 days, followed-up with mini reviews. They invited other BeautyTubers and subscribers to join in. Here I am!

The two YouTube Beauties who motivated me to do this are:
Olivia and here is her video (channel name: makeupfunwitholivia)
Cherylene and here is her video (channel name: Cherylene)

There are two more YouTube Beauties participating, too.
Cheryl and here is her channel (channel name: Cheryl's Corner)
Cindy and here is her channel (channel name: Old Broad)

May 23 Buxom Show Some Skin Weightless Foundation in Meet Me Latte
This was a Saturday of not leaving the house so I fel typically not the kind I would reach for. I'm not a sheer to light coverage kind of girl. If you are looking for a sheer to light foundation, this is nice. I would call this Sheer+ but some might call it Light coverage. This did not even out my skin tone, age spots and general blotchiness. It made them slightly better, very slightly. For instance, broken capillaries were pink instead of red. This does have SPF 30 so it could make a good base if you like powder foundation. It was difficult to judge wear time since there was hardly anything there to begin with. I'm hoping you can see where I put the foundation on my wrist and that it hardly covered my vein. That was a pretty thick swatch, too.

Buxom Show Some Skin in Meet Me Latte

May 24 Philosophy Miracle Worker Eye Repair
Philosophy Miracle Worker
Eye Repair Treatment
My under eye area is extremely dry, sensitive and reactive. Most anti-aging eye creams sting. Eye cream samples are my best friend since I know immediately if I can use them. Miracle Worker Eye Repair did not sting me so that was good. However, it felt like pure silicone. If you've used the original Smashbox primer, this is its twin sister. I didn't expect that! I looked at the ingredients, sure enough the first two ingredients are both silicones, third ingredient is water. The Miracle Worker line was developed around a retinoid that was not irritating and I agree!  Unfortunately, my under eye concealer would not apply, it kept sliding along with my finger. Maybe it would play well with another concealer, I used MAC Prolongwear.  At night, I need deep hydration which silicone sitting on my skin is not. Very nice pump style packaging. I'm not quite giving up on this yet. I really want to use a retinoid under my eyes and this did not sting. Maybe layer it over my night eye cream?

May 25 Laura Mercier Creme Brulee Souffle Body Creme
Heavens! This is a beautiful bakery scent. As the name implies, it smells like creme brulee, a delicate vanilla with a hint of caramelized sugar. But there's something else that makes it feminine, beautiful and grown up. Some type of floral. Vanilla based body lotions do not mix well with my body chemisty, they inevitably turn into an ashtray scent. I think the little bit of floral saved this one. It was hydrating and took about 5 minutes to fully absorb. My skin felt soft for hours. I'm adding this to my Christmas list (which I start each January 1st).
Laura Mercier Creme Brulee Souffle Body Cream

May 26 Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
Of the three mascaras I sampled, this was the most wow. Very black, built volume and length. Interesting brush. I would absolutely buy this in full size. Winner winner chicken dinner!

May 27 Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara
This mascara was a nice daytime look. The wand was traditional, it built a bit of volume, a bit of length. Overall a nice mascara for those who need to wear mascara but don't want to look over the top. Absolutely no clumping, it was a clean, defined look. I think there are plenty of drug store mascaras that are as good or better such as CoverGirl Clump Crusher.
Top to Bottom
Too Faced Better Than Sex
Too Face Lash Injection
Benefit They're Real
May 28 Benefit They're Real Mascara
I like this mascara. Benefit made a big deal about the brush because it has bristles all the way to the tip of the wand ending in a ball tip. The ball tip is designed to find those tiny lashes. The wand did its job! Nice volume, nice length, nice definition. IT Cosmetics Hello Lashses mascara is a better formula for me. more definition and more length, and has the same style ball tip brush.

May 29  Briogeo, Don't Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Hair Mask
There's a strong theory among hair fashionistas (does anyone still use that word), particularly the
Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair
naturally curly hair ladies, that silicone is not healthy for hair. Some hair likes it, some not so much. My hair loves silicone. Briogeo is a silicone-free hair product. It most likely is very nourishing for hair but I'm used to that silky kind of slip silicone hair products leave on hair. Although this is a deep conditioning mask, it felt more like a light weight conditioner. If you have fine hair, you might like this since it was not heavy at all. My hair looked good and felt good once it was dry! I won't buy this because I like silicone and so does my hair.

May 30 Benefit Stay Flawless Primer Stick
Benefit Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer

It would help if I actually read what these products are. I thought this was Benefit Fakeup, which is their hydrating concealer in stick form. I applied the Stay Flawless under my eyes and nada. What the heck is this supposed to conceal? I don't use concealer on my face but for the heck of it, I applied some over an age spot. Nothing. Hmmm. Maybe this is one of those products that develops color as it mixes with your pH. I waited. Still nothing. I had no time for this nonsense. I had to get out the door and over to Cracker Barrel. Priorities! It wasn't until I was writing this post that I realized this is a primer. Ohhhhh. Oops. Well, why the heck are they putting a flesh colored primer in a stick form? Pfffft. I seriously doubt this would work on my oily skin particularly for 15 hours. I'm not sure what the advantage is of having primer in stick form vs the typical tube or pot other than confusing people like me. I will say it is awfully cute packaging with polka dots.

It was a good week!


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  1. I love the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara...for the first month. After that it seems to dry out and not go on as well. So the sample size tubes are perfect. I did not like the sample I got of the Buxom foundation. Granted it was not a good color match, but it was way too sheer. Kinda like what's the point of even wearing it? The Briogeo mask is a favorite of mine. My hair is very fine so most deep conditioners weigh it down too much, but not this one.
    I thoroughly enjoyed your sample Saturdays! If you keep doing it, keep posting about it!

  2. Hi Lulu! I have fine think hair and wasn't crazy about that Briogeo hair mask either - too light for MY hair even, lol. That souffle moistuirizer sounds heavenly. Now that May is over, let's do it all over again in June - 30 samples in 30 days! LOL LOL

  3. I really have to try the Too Faced better than sex mascara, I'm hoping to score a sample from a store that has just re-stocked this :)♥

  4. Have you tried the Isomers Eye Peel? It is great for sensitive eyes. Retinoids in eye cream also make my eyes itch, but the eye peel does not.
    Denise M.

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