Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekly Beauty Edit 5.3.2015

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Lipstick gives me life. I crack myself up.

I have been neck deep in lipstick this weekend. There's a trend on YouTube of decluttering vidoes. BeautyTubers are going through their makeup stash and tossing or giving away makeup which they no longer like or use. Let me be perfectly clear, I don't believe in such nonsense as a sweeping gesture. I do edit and delete my stash but at my age, if I did this en masse, my heart would stop. Slow and easy, kind of like walking on ice.

I bought 7 sets of 6 for my entire drawer
I bought a very cool drawer organizing system that I saw on several other sites and videos. It's a completely customizable system, ingenious. My lipstick drawer can now accommodate 300-400 lipsticks. No reason to be precise. Once you cross 200, there's no point.
Lipstick drawer grid storage section - this show half a drawer
As I was organizing my lipstick into its new system, I thought a little swatching was in order and maybe a bit of editing and deleting. This girl loves her lipstick. Maybe I'm getting more stubborn or set in my ways with age? It was very hard to eliminate lipsticks but I did. Complete separation anxiety.

Sephora Teint Illusion Ethereal Natural
Color Sand
Sephora Collection Teint Infusion Ethereal Natural Finish foundation - There's that "ethereal" word and here I am like a moth to the flame. This foundation is a match made in heaven for my skin. Medium to buildable almost full coverage, feels like water going on, not a bit of that makeup look, wears the entire workday, smooths pores, natural finish. I think this would suit most skin types and all ages, truly gorgeous on mature skin, give the skin bounce and energy, really smooth looking.  This is a serum type foundation and I like it better than the Dior Nude Air. The Sephora definitely wears longer and also comes in quite a few colors. I  bought the color Sand for my NC 30-35 skin tone.

OPI Charged Up Cherry

Nail Polish News
OPI Charged Up Cherry from 2012 Brights Collection - One of my favorite pinks for summer. It's a bright warm pink which can be tricky to find. Lots of bright pinks lean cool or fuschia. Applied beautifully, it's bit liquidy so you do need to watch for puddling. Perfect in two coats, not a drag mark to be found.

Biss Blood Orange + White Pepper Soapy Suds Body Wash - Give me some credit for finishing a body wash. Yes, it was only a deluxe sample but finished is finished. Would not repurchase, very little scent and surprisingly for a Bliss product, seemed artificial. Not a lot of suds,either,

Xen-Tan Sparkle Self Tanner - Loved the color this gave me. This was a deluxe sample size.

Skin Transformer Miracle Mud Mask - Never, ever again. This didn't have an odor, it had a stenchLike a compost pile. It's a clay based mask which means it will pull gunk out of pores.

Omorovicza  Refining Facial Polisher - used this in the shower one morning. Did fine as a manual exfoliator. This company is out of Budapest which is cool. Sample packet.

Avene Retrinal - This is retinaldehyde. There's very little talk about retinaldehyde. You hear about retinol and prescription Retin A. Retinaldehyde is one step removed from Retin A but gentler. It is more effective and works faster than retinol. I've been using this under my eyes every third night, hoping to work up to every other night.  My very dry, very sensitive under eye area doesn't like any actives at all. So far, this is not irritating me. Briefly, retinol transforms in retinaldehyde and retinaldeyhyde transorms in retinoic acid aka Retin A/

This Week's Cheeks
Jordana Powder Blushes - I ordered these online a couple years ago. The Walgreens in my area don't carry the Jordana blushes and as I recall, K-Mart near us also does not carry the blushes, either. My guess is that is the main reason you don't hear about these blushes because they incredible . If you ever have the inclination to order online or see one in store, do not let the price fool you. These feel like velvet, blend without effort, and kick up almost no dust. Pigment, in my opinion, is perfect. Not too much! I feel that heavily pigmented blushes are hard to work with. These give a great flush of color and work well with both natural and synthetic brushes, loose or dense.  From top to bottom, 18 Touch of Pink, 38 Coral Sandy Beach, 14 Tawny Beige, and 32 Rose Silk.

Skincare News
Bliss Triple Oxygen Energizing Mask - this did nothing but tickle my skin. You wet your face, pump the gel lotion out and rub in circles on your face until a foam forms. Leave on for 5 minutes. Well, like any bubbles, they start to burst. These are tiny bubbles so as they start bursting and shrinking, it tickes, almost like you have ants doing jumping jacks on your face. My face did not feel any different or look any different. Not repurchasing.
Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask


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