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Weekly Beauty Edit 5.31.2015

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Summer is here! To me, June 1st means summer. You'd never know it with the weather we've had in the Chicago area this weekend with temps in the 40s and 50s. Grass sure is green with all the rain and cool weather, though.

The big beauty news this week is that I came out of hibernation from YouTube filming. Inspiration to film came from a new self-tanner, Tanwise. I like it better than Vita Liberata, St. Tropez and Fake Bake. I bought mine on amazon but I understand that Sally's carries it. (link to video)

Tarte Amazonian Clay Smoothing Balm - This is Tarte's latest foundation, it's a cream foundation. I didn't expect to be blown away, especially for my oily skin, but this went straight to my top 10 list. I took a chance and ordered it in Tan, hoping I could use it for summer. Score! It was a perfect match to my self-tan. First day I wore it, I applied too much. After removing some with tissue and rebuffing, my skin was almost flawless....not easy with this uneven skin tone and large pores, know what I mean? Less is more with this foundation. The other key is it has to be applied with a brush and then buff buff buff. When you're done, buff some more. It wore all day on my oily skin when it was set with NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder. I used a sponge, with the press and roll technique, on my forehead, nose, chin and a bit on the cheeks. I love this powder for setting foundation. 

Tarte Amazonian Clay Smoothing Balm
This foundation came as part of a kit from a Today's Special Value (TSV) on QVC a few week's ago. To my knowledge, it has not launched in stores yet. The TSV also contained a shadow quad, lip crayon, eye liner pencil, mascara and a foundation brush all by Tarte. Read on about the brush that surely was made in heaven by the hands of angels. Typically, I have a hard time finding a match in Tarte foundations, they tend to run too yellow even for my warm undertones. I'm hoping when they launch in stores there will be more colors than carried on QVC. If I have to buy two colors to create my own non-summer match, I will! This formula is not what I consider a good summer foundation for me and my oily skin but it's lovely for me and my mature skin. Ahhh, the ying and yang of makeup on mature skin. With the temps still cool, I'm glad I was able to wear it.

The brush! Hold on, I can't believe I'm about to say this.....this might be the best foundation brush I have ever used. Marc Jacobs Face II brush has held that honor for at least a year. I'm guessing I have 8 or 9 foundation brushes I adore so for me to say I'm giving the Queen Bee crown to this newcomer is astounding. What makes it so incredible? I like the the diameter which is larger than most foundation brushes. The bristles are synthetic making the brush very soft and easy to clean - bonus! Hard to describe but it is the equation of the bristle length (longer than most foundation brushes) + density (dense) + shape (not flat, slightly rounded) + flexibility (even though it is dense, it has a lot of give but not too much). If you could hear me, I'd sound giddy! Those longer bristles give it the perfect "give" or movement. I tap this brush into the foundation, quickly stipple onto a section of my face and then buff away. This brush moves the foundation effortlessly without brush marks. The name of the brush is Bamboo Smooth Balm Brush. In my book, it's named Nervana. 
Tarte Bamboo Smooth Balm Brush

Nail Polish News
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Pink Point - Avoid this temptation at all costs. This may be the cutest darn summer pink you've seen in years but hide your nails and avert your eyes. Typically, Xtreme Wear is an excellent formula. This color, however, is disastrous. Streaky, drag marks, uneven edges, pooled in the cuticles. Ugh. I had to remove it the same night I applied it. 
Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Pink Point

Summer Essentials
15 dozen packs of blotting papers (at least)
Mattifying pressed powder in the car, desk drawer, and purse
Mattifying primer (still looking for a favorite)
SPF lotion on my desk for applying to arms and hands before I leave the office
SPF loose powder in my car to brush on my arms and hands, just in case
Hair ties everywhere to pull back my hair
Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF 50 PA++++ (new discovery!)
New self-tanning mitts
Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs
ClearTan Biosphere Bronzer (this is a liquid body bronzer, unbelievable) link
Philosophy Soul Owner foot cream (all year but especially in summer!)
Fresh Sugar Lemon EDP Rollerball in my purse
Stila Sun Gel bronzer (to adjust foundation color)
Sexy Hair Soya Want It All Leave In Conditioner (only thing that slightly tames my frizz) link

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